Monday, March 15, 2010

Robinson Crusoe Island Recovery Project (English)

On the night of February 27th, a mega-earthquake hit the central coast of Chile. The 8,8 Richter scale magnitude movement caused a sequence of Tsunamis in the continental coast as well in the oceanic islands of Chile where the waves crossed the ocean to Hawaii and reached Japan as well.

Robinson Crusoe Island, part of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, was hit at 4:06 am, with a sequence of 7 waves reaching the only inhabited bay of the island 300 meter inland in a range of 3km.

The scenery was devastating for and island that lives mainly of lobster fishing (Jasus frontalis) and tourism. Both industries are over now, the Town Hall is gone, as well as the community centre, primary and high school, library, cemetery, fishing boats, navy base, and much more.

The RCIRP is building ideas at the moment of how is possible to help. We are organizing strategies to raise funds and projects that will help this island to become alive again, one of the most beautiful ecosystems of the world, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Chilean National Park, and mainly, one of the most unique and unknown landscapes on earth.

For now, the plan is to go to Europe and present a charity photographic exhibition of the island in Paris, London and Lisbon to be able to arrange as much as possible resources to start working on the Island with something on the hands.

The Idea is to be at Robinson Crusoe Island in July, so to plan with the people and work with them in the recovery of this incredible piece of land.

We are in constant contact with the Island and following up what is going on there.

Any help will be great.

Donations system will be soon available.

Hope you are all well.

Keep Nature Natural

Diego Fontecilla Correa
Robinson Crusoe Island Recovery Proyect administrator

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